• RISE Workstation

    NOV introduces RISE™, the only driller’s workstation designed from the ground up to address ergonomic concerns, minimize fatigue, and keep your crew in top form with its industry-leading configurable operating positions.



    The development of RISE grew from years of ergonomic research and theory to offer your cabin crews the opportunity to work with better posture, less stress, and more focus on the job at hand. Our RISE workstation brings unprecedented chair adjustment options to custom-fit the operator’s body and provide optimal comfort.

    An operator’s physical well-being during drilling operations significantly impacts rig crew performance.

    Hazards of sitting for extended periods of time include increased discomfort and increased risk of back injuries. In order to improve the driller’s well-being during operation, RISE provides a posture change ranging from any position between sitting and standing.

    RISE supports the following operator adjustments to maximize operator’s comfort:

    • Backrest incline/recline
    • Lumbar support
    • Knee support
    • Grip length
    • Elbow support
    • Armrest pillow slide
    • HMI slide and tilt
    • Swivel

    Key Features:

    • Sitting and standing operation
    • Unprecedented adjustments for optimal ergonomics
    • User stored multi-angle configurable positions
    • New 2-button joystick with operator feedback


      The RISE workstation is the premium plaform for both CYBERBASE and AMPHION systems.

      RISE armrest design is flexible and built up with modules. The armrest has optional modules to support an AMPHION™ system or CYBERBASE™ system. Both armrest modules include configurable buttons, encoder wheels, and an improved joystick that together optimize the human-machine interaction during the different drilling processes. Additionally, the armrests include retractable cup holders. 


      The CYBERBASE amrest module includes a keypad with encoder wheel.


      The AMPHION amrest module includes 7-in. configurable screens. Our RISE workstation supports storing and restoring users’ ergonomic profiles, allowing the workstation to self-adjust to specific operator’s body measurements.


      Our new joystick design includes visual and tactile feedback to enhance the operator’s situational awareness and ultimately improve efficiency and safety. 


      With more than 500 systems deployed in both land and offshore rigs, our AMPHION integrated system has provided means for managing, monitoring, and controlling rig floor equipment and drilling processes in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Since its inception, AMPHION has continually combined a vast set of advanced features with a user-friendly interface that enhance safety and efficiency during drilling operations. Our AMPHION system has a modular design, making it configurable and expandable from land rigs to complex offshore rigs.      


      A state-of-the-art integrated drilling control system built for seamless integration of machine control, process management, and information sharing. True to the original profound design, the CYBERBASE system has revolutionized the way drilling works. With more than 20 years of experience and innovation exceeding our customers’ expectations, the CYBERBASE system brings you the latest smart, reliable, and enhanced features, providing breakthrough opportunities for highest quality and efficient performance. Our CYBERBASE system is configurable, scalable, and extendable to fit any offshore market desire.