• Drilling Efficiency Control

    National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is the industry leading supplier of drawworks and drawworks control solutions. In their most basic form, manual controls are provided for throttles, clutches and brakes. More advanced drawworks controls include auto-drillers, brake control safety systems and electronic drawworks control systems.

    Automatic Drillers control drill line payout to increase weight on bit, bit torque or rate of penetration to a target value. Payout is regulated through control of brakes and/or motors.

    Brake Control Safety Systems regulate traveling block speed and position to safely prevent accidental collisions with the crown and floor. Remote brake controls allow band or disc brakes to be controlled with an electric joystick, enabling the driller's station to be placed in the most optimal location instead of near the drawworks.

    Electronic Drawworks Control Systems put complete hoisting and lowering control into a single joystick. In these systems, a PLC or Amphion controller read the driller's joystick command and sends signals to clutches, motors and brakes to hoist, lower or stop the traveling block in a safe and efficient manner.

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