• Pipe Tensioners

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    With many years of experience delivering pipe tensioners under the AmClyde Norson Brand, NOV can provide a tensioning solution that meets your needs. 

    Whether you are laying rigid or flexible pipe, umbilical or cable, we offer complete pipe lay systems as stand-alone modular units. These can be adapted to both offshore and onshore applications. Our wide range of experience ensures that you receive a purpose-built solution and the backing of a global support network you can rely on for the lifetime of your equipment.  


    Our pipe tensioners consist of multiple tracks mounted in a support frame. The tensioners are designed to handle a wide range of products including rigid pipe, flexible flowlines, umbilical, and power cables with various surface coatings. The pipe tensioners can handle different operating conditions and a wide range of friction coefficients. Grip force on the product is provided by hydraulic cylinders that create the friction coefficient required to hold the product under tension. Track drives are typically electric or hydraulic with electric AC vector drives being the preferred choice for accurate and precise speed control.

    The pipe tensioners are controlled by an industrial PLC that manages the electro-hydraulic control system for the drive speed and grip force. In the unlikely event of power loss to the tensioner, the hydraulic grip circuit maintains the grip force for up to 24 hours while essential maintenance can be carried out to restore the power supply. 


    • Tensioner capacity ranging from 1Te to 400Te
    • 2, 3 or 4 track tensioners available
    • Product diameters from 50 mm to 620 mm or customized to meet your requirements
    • Designed to DNV 2.22 – 2013-06 Lifting Appliances
    • Option of steel or rubber track pads with quick release function to suit different product requirements
    • Rubber pads to suit product friction coefficients from 0.07 to 0.5 depending on product and application
    • Full PLC master control with local control pendant for set-up and maintenance
    • Tensioner PLC control system can be integrated with other system components
    • Grip force fail-safe system provides up to 24 hour grip protection
    • Accurate tension and payout distance readings along with data logging functions
    • Track opening system allows full removal of product in order to pass terminations through the system
    • Customized to suit project specific applications
    • Global aftermarket support 


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