• Reel Lay System

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    Reel Lay excels in laying smaller trunk lines (10km – 100km) at high speed, typically around 800m/hr – 1000m/hr and can be used for laying between an offshore installation and a shallow water tie-in.


    Reel Lay is a popular choice, as it can be used to handle Flexible Pipe, Rigid Pipe and Umbilical. With regards to Rigid Pipelay, the majority of welding, testing and inspecting processes that are carried out on board the vessel for J-Lay and S-Lay, are instead performed onshore, hence saving time and increasing productivity at sea. The pipe is plastically deformed during spooling on to a Storage Reel integrated into the vessel deck, and straightened as it is deployed over a Ramp to the seabed. The Ramp can be set at differing Ramp Angles to suit the water depth during the lay process. The lay tension controls the pipe catenary and radius as it is deployed to the seabed, ensuring the pipe stress remains elastic, thus preventing pipe permanent deformation and buckling.

    The Reel Lay System contains of: 

    Pipe Storage Reel

    • Reel 
    • Drive System
    • Spooling System

    Pipelay Tower

    • A&R Winch System 
    • Jacking System
    • Fleeting System
    • PLET Handling System
    • Tower
      • Access System
      • Clamp
      • Work Station
      • Tensioner
      • Straightener
      • Aligner

    Control System


    • Pipe Diameters from 4”NB to 18”NB
    • High top tensions –600Te plus
    • Deepwater capabilities
    • Suitable for various water depths from 20m to 3000m

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