• J-Lay System

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    J-Lay negates the need for an expensive Spoolbase required by Reel Lay Systems to pre-weld the pipe spools prior to spooling. In J-Lay the vessel can remain on station continuously laying pipe as long as pipe is supplied by supply vessels.


    J-Lay Systems are most commonly used for deep water pipeline installation.

    Pipe stalks are upended, aligned and welded to the seagoing pipe in the tower. The pipe leaves the tower in the vertical orientation and forms a J-configuration as it touches down on the seabed. The tension is used to control the bend radius at the seabed, ensuring the pipe stress remains elastic, thus preventing pipe permanent deformation and buckling.

    The J Lay System consists of:

    Pipe Storage System

    • Transfer Units
    • Storage Racks
    • Welding Stations

    Pipelay Tower

    • Tower
      • Access System
      • Clamp
      • Work Station
      • Travelling Clamp
      • Fixed Clamp
    • Jacking System
    • A&R Winch

    Pipe Loading System

    • Clamps
    • Loading Arm
    • Jacking System

    Control System


    • Pipe Diameters from 6”NB to 48”NB
    • High top tensions – 2000Te plus
    • Ultra Deepwater capabilities

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