• Horizontal Lay System

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    With many years of experience delivering umbilical, flexible flowline and cable lay systems under the Norson and AmClyde Norson brands, NOV has the engineering expertise, project management skills and overall product handling experience to ensure you get the right equipment on schedule and within budget.

    All of our products are supported by an extensive worldwide aftermarket service network designed for a lifetime of reliability.

    Our Horizontal Lay Systems (HLS) are used for the installation of SURF products and sub¬sea power cable typically in water depths where the product lay tension is less than 100Te. Larger capacity systems can be provided on demand.


    The Horizontal Lay System can lay a single product or two products simultaneously in dual lay application. It is typically used for shallow water lay operations where outboard tension is 50Te or less. Larger capacity systems are also available.

    Our Horizontal Lay System is typically stored in either a Basket Carousel (below deck and/or on deck), or on a Horizontal Reel (Carousel) or on Standard Product Reels accommodated in a Reel Drive System. 

    The Horizontal Lay System is guided from its storage location around the deck through the pipe tensioners and over an overboarding chute. It can also be used to lay two power cables and a fibre optic cable in a single bundle.

    Horizontal Lay System typically consists of the following components:

    • Storage System 
    • Product deck guides/tables
    • Tensioner(s)
    • Banding machine (dual- lay only)
    • Overboarding chute
    • Fully integrated control system

    Additional equipment that can also be associated with an Horizontal Lay System are as follows: 

    • A&R winch System 
    • Support Structure (typically to raise all deck equipment off the deck)
    • Clamp or hang-off padeyes
    • Gantry Hoists
    • Work Platform
    • Safety platforms designed for ease of maintenance



    • Dual-lay operations for cable lay with additional fiber optic cable options
    • 2,3 or 4 track tensioner options
    • 20Te – 300Te tension range, higher if required
    • Tensioner tops open to allow crane handling of the end-fitting, UTA etc.
    • High equipment efficiency and reliability
    • Plain overboarding chute (right), conveyor track or wheel options
    • Regenerated power can be burned off or supplied back into the vessels’ power system to reduce operating costs
    • Modular and permanent equipment installation options
    • Installation possible using vessel crane.
    • Quick mobilization and demobilization with plug and play connections
    • Designed to DNV 2.22 -2013 -06 Lifting Appliances
    • The horizontal lay system is integrated into the vessel for easier and safer handling
    • Can be designed to meet regional and global classifications

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