• Reel Drive System

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    With many years of experience delivering umbilical, flexible flowline, and cable lay systems under the Amclyde Norson brand, NOV has the expertise, skills, and overall product handling experience to ensure you get the right equipment on schedule and within budget.

    All of our products are supported by an extensive worldwide aftermarket service network designed for a lifetime of reliability.

    NOV has a range of Reel Drive Systems (RDS) for use with standard flexible reel hubs that can be used as standalone units or as part of multi-reel handling systems. Our Reel Drive System is efficient and has a modern design with a choice of standard hydraulic drives or optional electric drives. The Reel Drive System is modular with a number of bolted and pinned joints for ease of assembly. The base grillage is easily assembled and is supplied with a number of padeyes for securing the reels during transit.


    The Reel Drive System (RDS) is designed to deploy and recover product stored on standard reels (typically Ø8.6m up to Ø12.4m) at tensions up to 30 Te and speeds up to 30m/min. The Reel Drive System is capable of supporting the reel and product weight  in addition to any gravitational forces caused by vessel motion during operations.

    The hub is specifically designed to suit most major manufactures of flexible flowlines, including NOV Flexibles.

    The Reel Drive System is supplied as a single or multi-reel system and is designed to skid from reel to reel. If required it can be designed to skid with a fully loaded reel.

    NOV can provide fully automated multi-reel drive systems to meet your needs and specifications.

    The RDS typically consists of the following components:

    • Hub drive assembly 
    • Raising/lowering system
    • Hub engagement System
    • Skidding system (for two or more reels)
    • Deck grillage
    • Support/installation cradles (to suit individual reels)
    • Safety platforms and access

    Typical associated equipment is as follows: 

    • Tensioner(s) 
    • Horizontal Lay System (HLS)
    • Vertical Lay System (VLS)




    • Simple, safe, reliable, and robust design for optimum operations
    • Quick mobilization and demob - equipment lifted in major component sections
    • Plug & play control system reduces set-up time
    • Modular design to allow for road transport
    • Designed to suit a wide range of reels & capacities
    • Standard ranges are 350Te, 450Te, and 500Te
    • Automated skidding system can move from one reel storage position to another spooling on a multi-reel drive system
    • Multi reel drive system can store up to five reels
    • Suitable for various applications


    Standard Ranges:

    • 350Te Capacity, Reels ranging from Ø8.6m up to Ø10.4m 
    • 450Te Capacity, Reels ranging from Ø8.6m up to Ø11.4m
    • 500Te Capacity, Reels ranging from Ø8.6m up to Ø12.4m


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