• Offshore Storage Carousels

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    Whatever your offshore storage requirements, NOV can provide the right solution for you. With many years of experience operating under the AmClyde Norson brand, we have the expertise and skills needed to get you the right equipment on schedule and on budget.

    Our offshore storage carousels are used in the manufacture, transportation and installation of continuous lengths of flexible pipe, tube & hose umbilicals and power cables.


    NOV can supply an offshore storage carousel as part of a complete storage, handling or lay system or as a stand-alone modular unit for either offshore or onshore use. We can supply a range of different diameters and capacities to suit your needs. The offshore storage carousels are available as basket types or top flange types (reels) and are used to store flexible pipe, tube or hose umbilical and power cable.

    Product is lowered into the basket carousel from a loading arm and forms a natural catenary under its self-weight due to the low product stiffness, making it easy to manipulate within the basket. On the reel, carousel product is spooled on under tension due to the high product stiffness, using a spooling unit that traverses vertically between the carousel flanges.

    The offshore storage carousel is located on a king pin integrated into the base structure which transmits the loads caused by self-weight and the vessel motions into the deck. Carousels are supported by multiple rows of rollers, which, using NOV’s resilient mounting technique, distributes the load more evenly than conventional carousel designs. The drive is provided through electrical motors (with variable frequency drives) through gearboxes and a rack-and-pinion mounted on the outer periphery of the bottom flange.

    Along with the offshore storage carousel and operating system, our engineering team also offers a full turnkey package of handling equipment that includes loading arms, spooling towers, tensioners, rollers tables, compensation units, winches, access stairways and platforms, and other equipment to meet your requirements.

    Carousel system components:

    • Base grillage or concrete foundation
    • Basket carousel with outer wall or reel carousel with top flange
    • Tapered core or parallel core
    • Fixed or adjustable core diameter
    • Intermediate wall diameters
    • Support rollers & king pin
    • Loading arm or spooling tower
    • Loading tensioner
    • Fully integrated control systems 


    • Load and unload with ease 
    • Modular design to allow road transportation
    • Resilient mounting technique to evenly distribute  the load
    • Can be designed for single-point lift fully assembled (excludes product load)
    • Easy access to support rollers
    • Self-lubricating support rollers


    • Designed for both land and marine applications
    • PLC control enables the carousel to be synchronized with manufacturing, process or lay equipment
    • Available for manual, semiautomatic and automatic control
    • Load capacity up to 10,000 Te
    • Diameters from 10m to 40m
    • Operating speed from 0-20m/min
    • Diameters and speed can be designed to customer specifications
    • Fully synchronized emergency stop capability

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