• Subsea MSB Crane

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    The MSB Crane belongs to our line of cranes designed for the industry’s demand to access deeper waters. 

    With lifting capabilities up to 900 mT and subsea capabilities up to 600 mT, this crane provides safe operation, high performance, and the best overall results for a crane in its class. Equipped with NOV’s industry leading Active Heave Compensation system, the unit is designed to safely lower your equipment to the sea bed or transfer equipment from deck to deck in the harsh offshore environment. 

    The MSB Crane may be used on a wide variety of vessels.


    • Increased weather window
    • High compensation grade 
    • Reduced power consumption 
    • Limiting of dynamic forces on vessel and load 
    • Reduced hazards to the lifted load and laydown area 
    • Crane can be adapted to different vessel sizes 
    • State of the art technology 
    • Global Aftermarket organization 


    Environmental conditions:

    • Operational temperature: -20°C to +45°C  
    • Design temperature: -20°C 


    Prime movers:

    • Electric for crane and winches  
    • Electric-hydraulic for AHC system 



    • Peak Power for crane without AHC: 3000 kW  
    • Peak power for main hoist and AHC: 4400 kW 
    • Uses 4400 kW as the peak vessel power demand