• Stevedoring Cranes

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    With a long history of supporting high cycle, heavy-duty bulk material handling operations, NOV’s stevedoring cranes are equipped for the toughest applications. We use our expertise to help you minimize risk, increase uptime and improve performance in your daily operations. 

    Engineered for maximum durability and speed, our fully electric cranes allow you to work around the clock, loading and unloading your vessel with the highest efficiency.


    With years of experience in the design and manufacture of stevedoring cranes, you can rely on our team of engineers and fabricators to deliver a crane that is suited for the extreme workload required by bulk material handling operations. Through our global service network, we want to partner with you throughout the lifecycle of your crane to help prevent costly downtime events and reduce your total cost of ownership.

    With its high durability, our crane will allow you to unload or load your ship in a minimal amount of time with full capacity - once every minute, around the clock, 24/7.


    • Machinery cab is generously sized for ease of maintenance
    • Alternate hook attachments available for heavy lift applications
    • Electric power-up and power-down
    • Direct drive motors eliminate the need for clutches, reducing life cycle costs and maintenance
    • Robust and reliable design provides strong performance while maximizing uptime
    • High-speed hoist and slew reduces cycle times
    • Balanced deck design
    • Low center of gravity
    • Elevated boom hinge for improved vessel clearance
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Global aftermarket organization


    Power Systems:

    • Electric Versions: AC Variable Frequency
    • Individual Direct Drive Motor