• A-Frame 

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    We understand that your vessel will operate under harsh offshore conditions; therefore our A-Frame uses proven technology and illustrates a reliable and sturdy design. 


    The challenges of working in the ocean space can range from harsh conditions, speed of operations, environmental impact and safety of your people. We understand that your vessel will operate under these conditions and designed our A-Frame with well proven technology to increase reliability and sturdiness.


    • The A-frame is designed for offshore applications on all types of vessels operating under offshore conditions. 
    • It performs external lifts over the side of the vessel and internal lifts on the deck of the vessel.

    Typical Options: 

    • Integrated power pack 
    • Separate power pack
    • Remote control
    • Additional wire sheaves
    • Inner frame for load stabilization
    • Deck winch to work with A-frame
    • Passive shock absorber



    • Tailor-made designs to meet customers' requirements
    • Designed to meet rules and regulations of all major statutory bodies
    • Versatile applications
    • Reliable and sturdy design, built for rough handling
    • Center wire pull or side wire pull via A-frame leg
    • Wire sheave arrangement to suit
    • Ram cylinder luffing eliminates stalling of A-frame
    • Integrated or separate electro-hydraulic
    • Easy and low-cost maintenance
    • Long service life


    The A-frame is a bracket-mounted, A-shaped, box construction with ram cylinders for luffing between inward and outward position.

    Typical range:

    • Safe Working Load SWL: 10 - 500 mT 
    • Working radius: to suit vessel design


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