• Next Generation Subsea Knuckle Boom Crane

    NOV Trident crane for heavier loads in deeper water.


    The Trident™ crane, a new concept designed to unlock the full lifting capacity of offshore vessels.

    Unlimited depths is no longer an issue with this system that allows the hook-capacity to stay the same, no matter the water depth; example, a 400t capacity NOV TRIDENT crane will allow the user to bring an actual 400t load to whatever depth chosen.

    NOV designed the hoisting system on this crane from the very start for Fiber rope, including a new winch and spooling system, and have also implemented a rope protection system, keeping it temperature conditioned and covered from environmental exposure. The system is flexible and can handle both Fiber rope, Hybrid rope and Steel Wire if this is requested. 

    We believe in purposeful innovation, thus we are not only reimagining crane construction and functionality to dramatically increase safety and widen the operational window of any given mission, but also recasting how such cranes are operated by introducing the new Lifting Operation Station (LOS).

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!


    • Fiber rope:
      • Purpose built for Fiber Rope
      • Flexible; handles fiber rope, hybrid rope and steel rope
      • No loss of hook capacity in deep water operation 
      • No corrosion issues
      • Fiber rope protected from direct environmental exposure
      • Temperature-controlled rope drum & path to keep the rope conditioned
    • Lifting Operation Station:
      • More efficient preparation, mobilization activity, lifting operation
      • Possibilities for simulation, planning and training activities
      • Improved Human Machine Interface
        • Increased safety for personnel on deck (camera system)
        • Heads up display with information presented  in a timeline manner
        • Semi-automatic lifting operations / axis control
        • ROV picture in remote operation station
    • Crane (Remaining part):
      • Reduced power consumption due to AC PM electric drive on winch
      • Prepared for KERS, Kinetic Energy (Power) Regenerating System
      • Weight savings
      • High D/d ratio
      • Higher degree of redundancy
      • Reduced I&C
      • Others
        • Lower CoG of crane system - if compared to winch above deck
        • All components on the crane / above deck (incl. Drive cabinets, etc) 
        • Crane delivered fully tested from workshop 
        • Internal access for maintenance thru pedestal and king

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