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    Our pedestal-mounted, slew-bearing crane with a cylinder-luffing knuckle boom was designed for offshore applications on all types of vessels where space is at a premium and load accuracy is significant.

    The crane can perform external lifts over the side of the vessel or can be used for internal lifts on the deck. The low center of gravity ensures control and reliability, the box construction absorbs shocks caused by load impact, and the boom design minimizes pendulum action for stability during adverse weather conditions.


    NOV's Knuckle Box Boom Crane is a pedestal-mounted, slew-bearing crane with a ram cylinder luffing knuckle boom of box construction.


    The crane is designed for offshore applications on all types of vessels operating under offshore conditions.

    It performs external lifts over the side of the vessel and internal lifts on the deck of the vessel.

    A wire rope extended beyond the tip of the boom will cause the hook load to swing. The pendulum action of the load can be a threat to both personnel and the crane itself, as well as other nearby equipment and structures.NOV's  Knuckle Box Boom Cranes have been designed to keep the tip of the boom as close as possible to the load during pick-up and discharging operations in order to keep the pendulum action to an absolute minimum.

    The ability of the Knuckle Box Boom Crane to stabilize suspended loads during adverse weather conditions widens the weather window for operation of the crane. As a result, the driver is able to operate the Knuckle Box Boom Crane long after more traditional cranes have stopped operating.

    The Knuckle Box Boom Crane has increased maneuverability, allowing it to reach inaccessible places onboard the vessel. It is ideally suited for installation on FPSOs and ships where vessel motions can create severe load handling problems during bad weather conditions. The crane can be equipped with a specialized yoke for handling drill pipes, casing and risers and with a turning device for load handling.

    Typical Options:


    • For operation in safe or hazardous zones
    • Auxiliary Hoist
    • Safety system for supply boat lifts and sub sea lifts
    • Constant tension system
    • Active Heave Compensated system
    • Remote control
    • Cabin or open platform
    • Specialized lifting yokes
    • Load turning device



    • Safe Load Indicators that display the actual hook load (or playload) and compare it to the allowable crane capacity Safe Working Load (SWL)
    • Load Limiting Systems that prevent lifting heavier loads than the allowable crane capacity (SWL)
    • Automatice and Manual Overload Protection System
    • Cranes are delivered according to various classification rules and customer requirements
    • Reliable and sturdy design, built for rough handling
    • Design offers low center of gravity
    • Box boom designed to absorb shocks
    • Operates on short working radius
    • Ram cylinder luffing eliminates stalling of boom
    • Integrated power pack; electro-hydraulic or diesel drive (option)
    • Easy and low cost maintenance
    • Long service life


    Typical Range:

    • Safe Working Load SWL: 10 - 600 mT 
    • Working Radius: 8 - 55 m


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