• Rigsentry Rig Monitoring

    Rigsentry™ Rig Monitoring products and services provide a detailed view of the health of NOV equipment and empowers you to operate and maintain it more effectively.


    Rigsentry bridges the technological gaps between traditional maintenance, CBM, and other maintenance optimization approaches. Accurate information about equipment health enables predictive maintenance programs, contributing toward continuous re-certification where major services and overhauls are triggered by equipment condition. The move to a CBM model changes the way you schedule and execute maintenance, helping you spend your maintenance dollars where they count the most.


    Rig Insight
    Through a network of native and CM sensors, Rig Insight gives you a snapshot of your topside equipment. Smart notifications turn equipment data into usable condition information based on usage patterns. A notification is sent when there is a immediate concern – providing you with inspection instructions or recommend actions. Portal access is available on a continuous basis allowing you to visualize equipment data and view reports on demand.

    Rig Predictive
    Rig Predictive builds upon the information provided through Rig Insight, and takes your data further. Predictive analytics provide proactive notifications that warn you of potential failure modes, allowing you to address the problem without compromising safety or the well plan. Incorporating specialized sensors along with wear and fatigue calculations, we monitor and report on equipment lifespan. By using a combination of equipment knowledge, operational data, and condition monitoring data, you can achieve a CBM schedule that aligns with your operational plan.

    Rig CBM Services
    As the OEM, we have the most comprehensive knowledge of NOV equipment and systems, down to the engineering tolerances at the component level. Use that expertise to help you estimate when components or systems are nearing their end-of-life or plan an equipment change out or repair. We will work with you to create a tailored program that will reduce the total cost of ownership for your drilling equipment.


    Key Features

    • Enables maintenance based on utilization and condition
    • Proprietary OEM diagnostic algorithms
    • Smart notifications with usage and symptom calculations
    • AccessNOV consolidated web portal
    • Secure remote access to equipment information
    • View fleet and equipment status and notification history
    • Customizable dashboard
    • Trend data visualization tools
    • Utilizes existing controls and native sensors
    • Simple installation and startup
    • Powered by Max™ NOV big data platform and analytics


    • Avoid unplanned maintenance during drilling operations and deliver the well on schedule
    • Reduce unnecessary maintenance, lowering cost and risk
    • Increase uptime and day rate efficiency
    • Facilitate improved planning and optimization of maintenance cost
    • Make decisions faster and with more confidence
    • Establish a foundation for reducing total cost of ownership