• Rigsentry BOP Monitoring

    Rigsentry™ BOP Monitoring products and services are designed to facilitate condition based maintenance and to maximize subsea uptime.


    On the rig, information is collected from the BOP control system to monitor cycle, flow, runtime, and time-in-service data from equipment components. The subsea equipment undergoes constant analysis to detect any latent failures. This includes the compliance with regulatory standards and the statistical likelihood of equipment remaining within your operational limits for the duration of the well.

    We want to partner with you to create end of well maintenance plans that are tailored to your rig, resulting in a lower total cost of equipment ownership.


    BOP Insight
    BOP Insight gives you visibility of component life through the use of a logging tool that provides usage calculations for wearable components throughout the BOP and control system. Smart notifications alert your crew when there is a potential concern, aiding them in the proper course of action. Tracking and trending this information allows you meet current regulatory requirements while creating a log of all alarms, events and analog data from the control system. Access to the equipment dashboard view, on the rig and from the shore base, provides you with a visual representation of current system status along with an easy reference of which components are in need of maintenance. Moving from a time-based to a usage-based maintenance plan reduces cost and the time needed between wells.

    BOP Predictive
    BOP Predictive services of Rigsentry provide prognostic health management, allowing you to get the full life out of your components. Working with predictive analytics models to pinpoint irregular component behavior, we are able to identify true precursors to impending component failures and provide your crew time to address issues before they become costly events. BOP Monitoring gives you an instant analysis of the system, taking into account existing error conditions. A real-time reliability percentage ensures your minimum operational requirements are being met. A clear understanding of the impact of compound faults allows for timely and accurate decisions.

    BOP CBM Services
    Normal maintenance procedures were designed using a conservative approach in an era where detailed equipment insight and ongoing equipment health checks were not available. With these tools at our fingertips, condition based maintenance is now possible through a partnership with drilling contractors. The result is a custom maintenance plan at the end of each well that reflects actual equipment condition, often extending maintenance windows and decreasing the amount of money spent on spares.


    Key Features

    • Enables maintenance based on utilization and condition
    • Proprietary OEM diagnostic algorithms
    • Smart notifications with usage and symptom calculations
    • AccessNOV consolidated web portal
    • Secure remote access to equipment information
    • View fleet and equipment status and notification history
    • Customizable dashboard
    • Trend data visualization tools
    • Utilizes existing controls and native sensors
    • Simple installation and startup
    • Powered by Max™ NOV big data platform and analytics
    • Predictive short term and long term analytics & notifications
    • Machine learning
    • Reliability modeling


    • Avoid unplanned maintenance during drilling operations and deliver the well on schedule
    • Reduce unnecessary maintenance, lowering cost and risk
    • Increase uptime and day rate efficiency
    • Facilitate improved planning and optimization of maintenance cost
    • Make decisions faster and with more confidence
    • Establish a foundation for reducing total cost of ownership