• Mission White Lightning Slip Seal Piston

    Super premium bonded multi-durometer piston based on the proven Slip Seal design for extreme drilling environments.

    Super premium mullti-durometer solid piston designed for operation in extreme drilling environments.
    The Mission White Lightning Slip Seal piston is manufactured from an engineered elastomeric compound that delivers excellent resistance to tear, abrasion, chemical attack and extrusion while maintaining high mechanical properties. The solid elastomer acts to conduct heat away from sealing area for extended run time.

    Bull Nose Design
    The precisely calibrated lip design blocks fluid and provides positive sealing against leakage for extended run times.

    The turned down lip design promises ease of assembly when piston is loaded into the liner, preventing cutting or tearing which makes piston change out quick and simple.

    Super Premium Elastomer
    This advanced proprietary chemical formula provides increased resistance to water, oil and synthetic drilling fluids, while providing increased temperature, abrasion and particle embedment resistance.


    • Increased run times up to 7500 PSI
    • Solid elastomer body conducts heat away from seal area
    • Reduced cost per operating hour
    • Reduced maintenance and downtime
    • Ease of installation into liner
    • Elastomer compound which provides:
      • Increased resistance to water, oil, and aggressive synthetic drilling fluids
      • Temperature resistance up to 230o F (110o C)
      • Increased abrasion and particle embedment resistance


    • Temperature resistance up to 230 oF (110o C)
    • Can be operated in pressures up to 7500 psi
    • Water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluids