• Mission Ceramic Liner

    Time Tested. Field Proven. Globally Accredited.

    NOV's Mission Ceramic Liners offer longer run times, lower operating costs and reduced risk exposure when compared to operating with chrome iron liners.

    The ceramic sleeve material is manufactured from alumina oxide, known for its wear resistance, and has proven run times in all types of operating conditions. The outer hull material for large bore liners is manufactured from alloy steel to increase yield strength and aid in fatigue resistance. Mission ceramic liners are corrosion resistant and have a smoother surface finish for reduced friction and heat. Combining these features, NOV’s extensive history in ceramics, and proprietary pump technology, results in a liner unmatched by any other in the industry.

    Mission ceramic liners are field proven as the longest running liner ever manufactured.

    Refer to the Drilling Expendables Databook for part number information.


    • Extended run times
    • Harder wear surface than chrome iron liners
    • Smoother surface finish for reduced friction and heat
    • Corrosion resistant - impervious to chemical attack
    • Alloy steel hull material for increased strength and fatigue resistance
    • Alumina oxide ceramic one of hardest known ceramic materials
    • Improved safety through reduced risk exposure