• Cyberbase

    Our Cyberbase system sets the industry standard for ergonomics, human-machine interaction, integration and reliability.


    The CYBERBASE™ system is a state of the art drilling integrated control system built for seamless integration of machine control, process management and information sharing. True to the original profound design, the CYBERBASE™ limitless integration and operation control has revolutionized the way drilling works.

    Through emerging technology for the right solutions, with decades of experience and innovation, CYBERBASE™ system V14 brings you the latest ergonomic and safety features providing breakthrough opportunities for highest quality and efficient performance while still operating at lower risks.

    The system is scalable and prepared for easy and feasible upgrades with added values and new features for existing systems - V13 of the system.

    All our system models are configurable and extendable to fit any market desire.

    What you experience when using the Cyberbase system is a state of the art drilling control system.
    We adhere to the highest industry standards. Our graphical interface is engineered to ensure important information is prominently displayed and glare is minimized by careful color selection. Since the function buttons are conveniently mimicked on the screen, our operator no longer has to look down at the armrest to see what is happening, therefore improving efficiency and visibility to the drill floor at all times.

    What we integrate into the Cyberbase system is limitless.
    The system is built on a SCADA architecture using ESA and IEEE standards to make sure it is as reliable, safe and secure as possible. When the driller operates machinery he sends signal through a dedicated route down to the redundant Drilling Control Network (DCN). In this loop, we only use highly reliable controllers and switches so the driller can operate his machines even if the screens are unavailable.

    We integrate many comfort and safety features directly from the operator station. The cabins temperature can be controlled directly from the screen. You can see live video images from around the rig using the integrated CCTV system or video assisted operations . Monitoring and trending of the drilling process is directly integrated with the Smart Drilling Instrumentation and the emergency stop system is hardwired from the operator station to the machines providing an easy and reliable stop.

    The Cyberbase system has revolutionized the way drilling works.
    We understand the drilling process belongs to many more people than just the driller and assistant driller. That is why in our Cyberbase system we implement isolated networks to enable easy and secure add on services. All rig personnel, including maintenance, toolpushers, company men and others can have read-only access to similar information as presented to the driller.

    For those off the rig, the WebDriller feature provides the same access over the internet. When the rig needs assistance, personnel can call the eHawk service. This offers a dedicated server with tools to troubleshoot and fix the Cyberbase system.

    The Drilling Flight Recorder captures all the information passing the DCN and stores it for later playback and in-depth analysis.

    To improve rig operation and efficiency all other services such as equipment condition monitoring or rig data analysis may also be integrated into the Cyberbase system.

    All of the above systems are integrated in electrical cabinets placed in the Drillers Cabin (CAB-800) and Local Equipment Rooms (LER). All software applications and solutions such as the drilling data, analysis and statistics functions, system health surveillance, reporting and remote support are cohosted in the datacenter as virtual machines with easy plug-and-play add-on features.

    We fully test the Cyberbase system at the NOV facilities before it ships to its final destination.

    Drawing on the past and shaping the future, CYBERBASE v14 bridges the challenges of aging technology through applying purposeful innovation.
    The drilling data center is the first in the industry data center solution to fully decouple software from hardware creating a truly future oriented system. A data center is inherently fault-tolerant by dynamic load sharing and allowing hot-swapping of hardware without interfering with the drilling operations. As a bi-product, the data center allows more computing and data storage capacity hence giving the end user faster response time, better information and cheaper upgrades. Solutions such as the drilling data, analysis and statistics functions, system health surveillance, and reporting and remote support are cohosted in the data center as virtual machines with easy additional plug-and-play add-on features.

    CYBERBASE System solves the challenges associated with the rapid growth in data and increasingly complex storage environments. It provides common data to all stakeholders consuming information such as drilling and machine management history.

    The system networks, forming the backbone system architecture, are secured and prepared for any machine integration with redundant setup for high system and operational availability. The segregated networks offer increased security and reliability with only authorized connections and communications.

    Cybersecurity hardening
    The system emphasizes on cybersecurity hardening as this remains a high-focus for CYBERBASE by implementing defense-in-depth strategy. The system provides strict remote-access control through the use of network zones and antivirus software protection. Access control and monitoring are enhanced through certificate and password management as well as whitelisting with extended system surveillance.

    Asset Management and Big Data
    The CYBERBASE system offers hardware and software inventory with current and historical overviews of installed software and deployed hardware providing change log and tracking with up-to-date documentation of system hardware and software versions. Software license management and automatic disaster recovery are also part of its asset management system including license tracking and hardware and software life cycle management . The system is also well prepared for Big Data integration for greater insights initiatives.

    System Topology






    Cyberbase Operator Stations

    Operator Stations

    Controls and VDU for drilling and pipe-handling machinery and monitoring of operations and equipment from the driller's cabin

      • Version 4.3 with front mounted screens
      • Version 6.4 with armrest mounted screens
      • Version 7.1 for standing operations

    Control Cabinet

    Controllers and network equipment for one Cyberbase™ Operator Stations

      • Cyberbase PLCs for machine control
      • Network components for integration

    Cyberbase System – Main package

    Includes datacenter Patch Cabinet

    A high availability platform prepared with virtual environment that hosts all major software functions and applications. The Datacenter adds reliability and flexibility allowing decoupling between hardware and software and add-on applications and software, or extendable hardware, independently. Includes Datacenter cabinet and patch cabinet for fibre connections.

    Human Machine Interface

    A well proven and standardized human machine interface using real-time data providing users with information handling and on-screen presentation. Graphical user interfaces provide machine and process control information along with alarm systems and maintenance functionality. Functional keypads and joysticks are used for machine control. Mode selector is available to enable drillers or assistant drillers’ task of operation.

    Alarm Systems

    Alarm system is designed for quick detection and pattern recognition to optimize operator’s situation and awareness. Alarm management system is based on industry recommendations and NOV standards and guidelines.

    Additional Alarm Information

    Additional alarm information adds capabilities with the standard alarm system delivered. This provides added information such as trigger cause, consequence if not corrected and suggested corrective action.

    Alarm Statistic Module

    The Alarm Statistics Module offers leading performance indicators by reducing complex alarm logs to explanatory metrics for easy interpretation. Powerful tools enable pinpointing problematic alarms and underlying causes. With rich reporting options a multitude of options are provided for distributing relevant information to other parties.

    NOV Alarm Statistics provides the basic knowledge required to audit the alarm system and gain insight into pain points and improved opportunities throughout plant life.


    Crossover features enable and secure operations from Cyberbase operator stations for multiple well centers. Adding flexibility to running operation, this function allows running opposite drilling well center operational tasks from Cyberbase operator station assigned to a different drilling well center.

    Data Provider

    Capture, store and allow access to the system control network traffic and historical data.

    Network and security

    An architecture with several interconnected networks secured by firewalls and providing high capacity, availability, reliability and flexibility. System segregates network offering increased security reliability with only authorized connections and communications.

      • Redundant Drilling Control Networks
      • Separated networks for remote work stations, CCTV, remote support (EHAWK) or other applications
      • Strict remote access control through zone controlled networks.

    Cyberbase System Monitoring

    Generate warnings and alarms related to hardware and software essential events. Monitor equipment including network components, servers and terminals within the Cyberbase System.

    For advanced system surveillance, the diagnostics and monitoring are provided with enhanced security, access, whitelisting, password management, inventory etc.

    Integration and interface

    Subsystem components are coordinated and integrated into the Cyberbase system which connects different software applications and hardware as well as different system and equipment controls.

    Dual Units

    The operator can swap between SI or API units for all analog signals in the Cyberbase system, Oilfield (API) and Metric (SI) units can be mixed within the display system, as specified

    Dual Language

    The Cyberbase control system is designed with the capability of operating in two different languages.


    The WebDriller tools can provide real-time and historic information as presented in a Cyberbase HMI system offshore to another location such as an onshore drilling operation center.
    Onshore/ other location real-time visualization and sharing of drilling information, seen by the Cyberbase system offshore, which will contribute to better decision making and operational support.

    Cyberbase I/O Monitoring System

    Monitoring of all hardwired analogue and digital signal connected to NOV Siemens PLC located on the drilling control network.

    Other accessories


    One printer connected to preferable Cyberbase office workstation.

    Patch Cabinet

    Additional patching cabinet in switchboard room

    Wall or floor Mounted Patching Cabinet. Typical for MCC and VFD fiber interface and placed in SWB room.

    Time Synchronization

    GPS time server

    Stratum 1 GPS time server with External Ex. Antenna

    Third Party Connection to GPS Time Server

    NTP interface to Rig Network

    Cyberbase Remote Workstations

    Office workstations

    Office workstations in safe or hazardous areas for remote monitoring and on-screen controls limited by user logon permissions.

      • Connected to a selectable Cyberbase server
      • Access to a subset of the Cyberbase displays where the displays are available for monitoring and control is limited by user login permissions
      • Available with one screen, two screens or projector
      • Available with printer
      • Types available are:
        • Office
        • IP66
        • Exi

    Maintenance Hardware

    Cyberbase Maintenance Laptop

      • Windows operating system with Office package
      • Siemens SIMATIC Step 7
      • ServiceLab
      • Rig specific PLC software available if a Software License Agreement is signed