• TrackerVision

    TrackerVision™ is a wearable technology offering that brings together software, communication devices, and special hardware to increase the effectiveness of NOV service technicians on land rigs and offshore vessels. Service technicians equipped with TrackerVision can stream real-time audio and video, allowing experts at our global service centers to view what’s happening in the field, provide guidance, and streamline troubleshooting.


    TrackerVision connects in-field service technicians with experts via video/audio streaming, allowing offsite experts to view events as they are happening and address them with real-time troubleshooting. The challenges of operating the modern offshore vessel—including the time lag for communicating with shore-based support staff and increased safety risks—are addressed by the new system, which enables hands-free collaboration with remote support. TrackerVision uses a self-contained internet connection that is not dependent upon your rig internet connection. This includes end-to-end encryption that ensures sensitive operational data is protected. 


    Uses and features of TrackerVision:

    • Connects in-field service technicians with SMEs via secure video/audio streaming

    • Allows for real-time troubleshooting and issue resolution

    • Enables hands-free collaboration with remote support

    • End-to-end encryption

    • Only available through your service engineer


    TrackerVision usage information:

    • Access to global supply of NOV experts and resources while on site, as well as resources from our vast supplier base

    • Recording or photographing customer proprietary equipment strictly prohibited

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