• XLC-S Connectors


    XLC-S is XL Systems' second generation integral connector with pin and box threads machined directly into the pipe wall. This design produces an ideal connector geometry: a true flush inside diameter (ID) and flush outside diameter (OD).

    Featuring a wedge threadform with enhanced strength and fatigue performance, XLC-S is ideally suited for conductors and other applications where both structural integrity and special clearance is critical. XLC-S connectors have an external metal-to-metal seawater exclusion seal which prevents corrosion in the threads.

    XLC-S connectors make up in approximately three turns, the majority of which are low-torque spin-up until the wedge thread surfaces engage. Make-up torques are comparatively low and range from 30,000 to 60,000 ft-lbs depending on size. XLC-S connectors are suitable for makeup with either power tongs or manual tongs.

    XLC-S connectors have excellent field service history in a wide variety of offshore conductor applications since the late 1980's. XL Systems has completed extensive physical testing of XLC-S connectors, including full-scale fatigue testing and pile driving testing. XLC-S connectors are manufactured in 20-inch and larger diameters.

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    Specs Direct


    Flush ID and OD profile

    Ideal connector geometry - the connector takes up no more annular space than the pipe

    Fatigue rated and tested

    Comprehensive fatigue testing and analysis data support harsh environment applications

    Fully driveable

    Designed and fully tested for drive applications

    External metal seawater exclusion seal

    Prevents corrosion and corrosion fatigue in the threads

    Integral box and pin threads

    Cost-effective design eliminates large diameter forgings and welding costs

    Wedge thread technology

    Easy spin-up, high torque capacity, excellent resistance to anti-rotation