• XLW-GT Connectors


    In response to an increasing number of surface casing applications that require gas pressure sealability, XL Systems now offers the XLW-GT (Gas Tight) connector. Featuring an optimized internal metal seal design machined on high strength pin and box forging material, XLW-GT raises the bar on large diameter connector seal performance under gas pressure loading. 

    Extensive ISO/FDIS 13679:2011 testing has been completed with gas on multiple sizes to CAL I-E requirements and confirmed seal integrity up to 95% of actual X80 pipe body internal pressure ratings.

    Utilizing the same wedge thread design as the widely used XLW connector, XLW-GT maintains 100% pipe body ratings in tension, compression, and bending. Since no anti-rotation feature installation is required due to the wedge thread design, strings are run faster and the risk of a dropped string from connector failure is minimized.

    Specs Direct


    Gas tight internal metal seal
    Connector ratings equal full pipe body strength
    Reliable gas pressure sealability confirmed with physical testing
    Reliable performance under extreme loading conditions
    Integral lift shoulderEasy running and handling offshore
    Wedge thread technologyEasy spin-up, high torque capacity, excellent resistance to anti-rotation



    Please contact XL Systems for additional information on the XLW-GT connector.