• Viper Connector Gas Testing

    In addition to the comprehensive liquid sealability test program completed on Viper connectors, XL Systems has extended the combined load testing program to include internal gas pressure. Testing on four different sizes in the 20- to 22-inch diameter range has been completed up to 95% of actual X80 pipe body internal pressure ratings to ISO 13679 CAL I-E (with gas) requirements.



    Tested sizes include: 

    • 20 x 0.625 X80 GP-95 Viper-1ST
    • 22 x 1.00 X80 GP-95 Viper-1ST
    • 22 x 1.25 X80 GP-95 Viper-1ST
    • 22 x 1.50 X80 GP-95 Viper-1ST
     The CAL I-E qualification requires the testing of two samples:
    • The first sample (ISO Specimen 1) is machined to an extreme tolerance, worst case sealing configuration and make-and-break tested. Upon completion, seal performance of this sample is then verified through a series of tests that include two-quadrant combined load with bending (ISO Series B), four-quadrant combined load (ISO Series A), and limit load to failure.  
    • The second sample (ISO Specimen 5) is machined to an extreme tolerance, worst case galling configuration. This sample then undergoes make-and-break testing. 
    All Viper samples passed the CAL I-E qualifications. Select a size below to download a gas test summary:
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