• 16- to 34-inch Viper Connectors


    Viper features a weld-on pin and weld-on box design. Viper connectors in sizes up to 34-inch diameter feature a near-flush inside diameter (ID) profile and an upset outside diameter (OD) which serves as an integral lift shoulder. 

    Viper connectors have a dual-seal design: an elastomeric O-ring as the primary seal and a secondary metal-to-metal seawater exclusion seal. Viper connectors are rated at 100% of pipe body for internal pressure, external pressure, tension, compression and bending capacity in most sizes. Extensive finite element analysis and physical testing have been used to verify performance capacities across the Viper product line.

    Two thread configurations are available: the Viper-1ST connector makes up in approximately 1-3/4 turns and the Viper-3ST connector makes up in just over 1/2 turn. Make-up torques range from 50,000 to 70,000 ft-lbs depending on size. Viper connectors are suitable for makeup with either power tongs or manual tongs.

    Viper connectors are the most extensively analyzed and tested large diameter connectors on the market today. Reliable and validated connector performance makes Viper ideally suited to high-profile, extreme service conductor and casing applications. Viper connectors are manufactured in 16 to 38-inch diameters. 

    Click here to download a Viper product summary sheet.

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