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    Study Capabilities

    Study teams of competent water treatment specialist, reservoir engineers and subsea engineers can be called upon to provide design information for generic or specific field applications.

    In the early concept stages, it can be beneficial for Oil Companies / Subsea System Integrators to evaluate how SWIT™ Technology and optimized water flooding can best be employed in order to get the most out of an offshore oil reservoir. Having the correct information to ensure that the correct field development options pass through a decision gate process can have profound effects on maximizing oil recovery.
    Integrated teams
    Engineers can also work as part of an integrated team provide design input for complete subsea treatment units on an as required basis. During more detailed design phases of a project, our specialists can assist in the field development and planning phases. Having the correct information to enable integration, provide optimum solutions, budget and schedule estimates etc. will add value to the proposed engineering solutions.


    Use SWIT Technology for optimized water flooding