• Subsea Pig Tracking

    Frequent pigging of pipeline networks requires control of pig location to avoid collision in pipeline Y-connections. A significant part of the NOV pigging solutions is the Magnetic Pig Tracking System which offers both pig position, indication and passage detection. This system can be used both for RFO/Commissioning pigging and operational pigging.


    • Avoiding radioactive isotopes and therefore reducing handling costs and eliminating HSE issues
    • Non-intrusive design as preferred for sensors in subsea pipeline systems; possible to retrofit
    • Robust and reliable technology qualified for permanent subsea use
    • Easy calibration and re-calibration. Automatic calibration and power-up can be implemented

    The NOV Magnetic Pig Tracking System is developed, tested, and field proven.

    Three different systems for pig tracking:
    1. Battery-powered with ROV display for temporary use
    2. Acoustic communication link to vessel/platform
    3. Connector interface for hardwired applications