• Hot-tap

    Hot tapping is the act of creating a connection by drilling into the pipeline while in full operation. It provides a solution for tie-in or tieback, to utilise existing infrastructure, even when the need was not foreseen during installation of the pipeline.

    As oilfields are maturing, utilising existing infrastructure is vital for cost efficient extraction of oil and gas reserves. NOV hot tapping systems allow flexibility for fields to evolve and remain viable for extraction of oil and gas reserves.

    NOV has experience with hot tapping since the technique was first introduced and has developed and delivered a full suite of hot tap equipment.


    Pre-installed or Retrofit Hot Tap Tees

    Where there is an anticipation of future need for a connection point, the integration of pre-installed hot tap tees on pipelines enables future tie-in of new fields to existing pipelines without introducing the cost of a full connection point at the time of pipe installation. The pre-installed hot tap tees are welded into existing pipelines prior to pipeline installation. 

    Our hot tap tee solution ensures the integrity of the pipeline and has a compact design to allow for installation as an integrated part of the pipeline. The tees are delivered with guideposts fitted with overtrawlable protection cover. 

    Where the tie-in need was not foreseen, and no preparation has been made to the pipeline, the NOV retrofit hot tap tee allows for a retrofit connection point to be made, and tie-in to be performed while the pipeline is in full production. 

    Hot Tap Valves and Modules

    In order to perform a hot tap operation, a hot tap valve is connected between the hot tap tee and the hot tap cutter machine. The valve is required to close the hot tap tee temporarily while the cutting machine is removed and the new branch pipe is connected. When the hot tap operation is performed below diver depth, the hot tap valve is often built into a module for remote installation. Both ball and split gate valves are commonly used for this application. NOV has experience with all combinations of valves and installation methods.