• Why Flexible Pipes?

    There are many reasons why operators should choose flexible pipes for their installations. Here are some of them: 

    • The enabling technology for floating production systems   
    • Cost-effective pipeline solutions for subsea infrastructure, including long distance tie-backs   
    • Flexible and efficient jumper connections eliminate the need for rigid spools   
    • Supremely adaptable to a wide range of installation spreads and methodologies   
    • Fast and safe installations   
    • Superior with regard to harsh weather conditions, multiple pipeline campaigns, uneven seabed topography, or congested subsea architecture   
    • Excellent inherent thermal insulation and corrosion resistance properties   
    • Superior value contribution from a full lifecycle perspective due to lower installation costs, reduced maintenance and – eventually – cost-effective decommissioning
    • Reusability options   
    • Superior integrated monitoring capabilities

    • Scenario depicting the various applications of flexible pipes in subsea production systems. Flexibles designs, manufactures and markets not just flexible pipes for the toughest conditions. We also develop solutions that provide superior configurations that reduce installation and maintenance costs, giving operators more efficient and safer production
    • Every flexible pipe is designed to match specific conditions. Through a careful selection of materials, design methodologies and components, we create the perfect pipe for your production needs.An example of the various layers of the flexible pipe. Not every layer is used in a given design
    • We have provided hundreds of kilometers of flowlines for projects all over the world