• Accessories

    An optimal flexible pipe system is one where flexible pipes and accessories are designed as a whole. Only through correct configuration is it possible for a system to meet all design specifications throughout the duration of its design life. At Flexibles, we take full system responsibility and leverage our knowledge of all pipe characteristics and our exhaustive approach to system analysis to provide the required elements for an optimal configuration.

    A flexible pipe system uses a range of accessories, from large and complex subsea structures (e.g. Mid-Water Arch systems, Pipeline End Manifolds – PLEMs – and anchors) to smaller devices including pull-heads, A&R wires and I/J tube seals. We have the engineering capability and capacity to design, specify, procure, manage and incorporate the entire suite of required accessories into the desired flexible pipe solution.


    • Mid-Water Arch
    • Bend restrictor
    • Buoyancy module
    • Bend stiffener and connector
    • Anchor
    • PLEM
    • Riser base