• Fiberglass Tanks

    Our Fiberglass Tanks are manufactured by our skilled group of operators and technicians, using the standards that are set forth in ASTM 3299, ASTM 4097, ASME RTP1, and API 12P.

    Fiberglass Tanks are used to temporarily hold fresh or salt water. Isophalic and vinyl ester resins are available upon request, either as a liner for a normal fiberglass tank or with the tank being built 100% of specialized resins. All tanks can be built to most specs requested by the customer and can have any combination of Victaulic, flanged, or threaded connections.



    • All vertically oriented tanks and gun barrels can be produced in the following sizes:
      • 300 bbl
      • 400 bbl
      • 500 bbl
      • 750 bbl
      • 1000 bbl