• Tri-Phaze™ System

    Because of the prohibitive capital and lifecycle costs associated with traditional pump technology and separation equipment at each wellsite, the oil and gas industry alternatively utilizes our innovative, patented, engineered multiphase transfer solution. Our Tri-Phaze System is based on our field-proven progressing cavity pump.


    Incorporating advanced technology, superior design and proprietary manufacturing processes, the Tri-Phaze System offer the best value, and the most effective pumping solution for the difficult and fluctuating conditions often encountered in multiphase fluid flow. The package is complete with pump protection for maximum performance and long life.



    • Supplied as a complete system
    • Inlet pressures from 5 to 1000 psig
    • Differential pressures up to 750 psig
    • Flow rate up to 63,000 BPDe
    • Complete monitoring and control
    • System small enough to be moved from well to well
    • Provide lower maintenance costs as compared to alternate technologies
    • Materials of Construction:
      • Stainless steel
      • Hastelloy
      • Other materials by request
    • Moves abrasive fluids allowing sand particles to roll along the surface and not scrape and abrade
    • Easier and faster separation
    • Will not vapor lock
    • Handles broad range of fluids and variations in GVF, GOR, Oil API/viscosity, and solids content
    • Lower Total Cost of Operation / Ownership