• CVC Series

    Our CVCME choke is designed to extend the service life of the choke valve and can significantly outlast the competition. The design utilizes proprietary annulus and trim geometry significantly improving the durability of the choke. In addition, the CVCME takes advantage of Z-6 submicron grade carbide, which combines the highest impact and erosional resistance in the market.

    Our CVCMP choke has similar features and offers all the same benefits as the CVCME, except it has a plug-in-cage design rather than an external sleeve. The CVCMP is for large orifice, low pressure applications and offers very fine control.

    Multistage Trim Design is also available. This includes:

    •  Concentric cage design utilizing internal plug 
    •  Offers multiple pressure drops to counteract flashing and cavitation 
    •  Ideal for service with high pressure differentials 
    •  Significant noise reduction 

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