• Boarding Shut-Down Valve

    Essential for emergency shutdown of offshore production, our Boarding Shut-Down Valves (BSDV) are designed for flowline shutdown for offshore platforms or FPSOs, our high-quality valve is built to handle up to 15,000 psi. Our BSDV provides zero-leakage sealing and long-term reliability in a compact size package. Installed at the turret or within 10 feet of first access to the pipeline riser, our valves are actuated for quick and easy closure. Available as an individual valve or a custom skid-mounted package unit, we have the shutdown solution to meet your needs.



    Applications include fixed platforms, FPSOs, TLPs, SPARs, or as a water/gas injection valve or surface safety valve (SSV). Certifications include:

    • API 6A appendix F PR2 test qualified
    • API 6FA fire test qualified
    • API 6Avi safety valve validation test qualified
    • Product Specification Level (PSL) 3G 



    • Metal-to-metal sealing
    • Available as individual unit or skid-mounted system
    • Various actuation methods available
    • Seals gas with zero leakage 
    • Easy to install 
    • Cost efficient design Low maintenance 

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