• Solar

    We developed solar powered water pumping systems to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes or rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable or unreliable.

    Reliability is a key feature of our solar pumping system, designed to operate without human interference for years without regular maintenance.

    Our plug and socket connections make installation quick and easy. This simple, robust design ensures service and maintenance requirements are minimal, saving you time and money.

    Optional features such as our patented GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking system guarantees the solar panels are always facing the sun. Providing maximum water flow when needed.

    Our Solar Pumps are designed to withstand remote harsh dry conditions found throughout the world in order to meet the water supply needs of livestock, rural villages and irrigated agriculture.


    • The PC helical rotor has a self-cleaning action as it turns within the stator, thus preventing iron oxide deposits or other particles from building up and potentially causing blockage.
    • Low pump speed means extended rotor and stator life in abrasive bores
    • GPS sensor provides precise latitude, longitude and time (operating on GMT), enabling the controller to continuously calculate the exact position of the sun and correctly position the solar array 
    • Solar power is now more reliable and more cost effective than either windmills or diesel motors, and our equipment has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions while maintaining operation
    • A solar pump will slow down when it is cloudy, but because it has no minimum speed (unlike a centrifugal pump) it will keep delivering water