• Mutrator

    The Mutrator has various design options to suit your application for handling waste water. Mutrators can be installed either vertically or horizontally to give lowest possible design/construction costs with various drive options for correct pump speed.



    Utilizing a progressing cavity pump, together with a tri-hammer macerator, the pump lifts the raw sewage from the sump into the cutting chamber for maceration and then pumps away to the main gravity sewer. When the pumping cycle ends, unmacerated material falls back into the sump, clearing the suction pipe for the next duty run.

    The Compact Mutrator unit is a complete sewage pumping station in a GRP kiosk, ready to be installed and operational within 2 hours of delivery. The GRP kiosk contains duty and standby Compact Mutrator sewage pumps, an integral control panel and the system is completely pre-plumbed and pre-wired and 'ready to run'.


    • Ability to pump long distances and high heads
    • Pumps are also above sewage in a dry enclosure offering a clean working environment for routine maintenance
    • No sump entry risks or hauling contaminated pumps out of the sump
    • Easy to install, with a small bore pipe for the rising main - this gives lower installation costs, reduced risk of septicity and smells and greater freedom in routing layouts (will easily follow ground contours)
    • Pre-assembled packages allow rapid installation, low noise level and are fully weatherproof
    • Total design, installation, commissioning and maintenance available, one order to one company