• Grifter

    The Grifter has been designed to meet the 'domestic' users requirements for handling raw sewage at remote cottages and service facilities. Consisting of a tri-hammer macerator and PC pump, this product is available as a pump unit only or as a packaged pump system. The use of a single motor drive directly coupled to the pump gives lowest possible design/construction costs.



    The pump system features duty and standby pumps, complete with all necessary pipework and factory assembled in a GRP kiosk. Integrally assembled below the pump kiosk is a glass fibre reinforced collection sump. The whole unit is delivered to site ready to install. Site preparation simply requires a hole dug, foundation slab and power input.


    • Ability to pump long distances and high heads
    • Pumps are also above sewage in a dry enclosure with suction pipe into the sump
    • Routine maintenance can be carried out easily in a clean environment, in-situ. No sump entry risks or hauling pumps up out of the sump
    • Easy to install, with a small bore pipe for the rising main - this gives you lower installation costs, reduced risk of septicity and smells and greater freedom in routing layouts (will easily follow ground contours)
    • Pre-assembled packages allow rapid installation, low noise level and fully weatherproof
    • Total design, installation, commissioning and maintenance available, one order to one company