• Chopper Hopper

    The Chopper Hopper™, a combined solids reduction and transfer pumping unit, uses the latest in muncher technology to save energy and complete efficient transferring of biofuel.

    Learn how our Chopper Hopper reduced 95% of solids to less than 12mm in two directions.


    The powerful all-in-one Chopper Hopper unit can homogenize objects such as whole fruits, vegetables, and meat products into a pumpable puree. Fierce cutting blades combined with second- and third-stage grinding shred solids as big as whole watermelons down to a particle size of less than 1 in. in a single pass. The design of this progressing cavity pump allows for low friction of the gear joint design, leading to less wear and better overall performance.


    • Food processing
    • Waste handling for disposal
    • Rework or recovery of product
    • Rendering plants
    • Slaughter plants – process internal organs
    • Orange peels, juicers
    • Waste potatoes
    • Meat products



    • Faster process times due to a large surge capacity hopper and high flow rates
    • Available for coarse, medium, and fine particle sizes
    • Angled cutters for grabbing or tearing large size objects with additional cutters for further solids reduction
    • Available in carbon, stainless steel or specialized materials of construction
    • Cutter shafts and pump internals are made to be easily disassemble, reducing downtime