• Prochem MD Series Mixers

    For over 40 years, our Prochem™ MD Series Mixers have been the value choice for many side-entering applications. Integral to the MD Mixer's design is the Maxflo WSE impeller. Each MD Series Mixer maximizes the capabilities of this high-efficiency impeller to reduce operating costs and increase processing capacities.

    Our MD Mixer's modular design, featuring innovative shaft bearing cartridges, allows longer operating runs between maintenance periods, therefore routine maintenance and overhauls can be performed without draining the tank or removing the mixer.



    Unit Construction
    All of our MD Mixers are completely assembled at our facility with all shaft, bearings and seals accurately aligned before shipment, No on-site alignment is required.

    Housings & Mounts
    Housings and motor mounts are fabricated from steel and can withstand loads several times that of typical application requirements. Two coats of polyurethane, catalyzed paint over a two-part epoxy primer protect against corrosion.

    Tank Shut-Off Devices
    An optional secondary shut-off seal prevents fluid leaking during routine bearing/seal maintenance so the tank does not have to be drained when servicing the mixer.


    Horsepower and Speed Ranges
    Our standard PB Mixers are available from 1 hp to 300 hp with speeds from 160 rpm to 480 rpm. Mixer designs with enhanced operating capacity can be designed for applications with unique requirements.

    Heavy-duty, oversized shafts, the largest in the industry, are designed to handle up to 10 times the normal operating bending load at full torque.  Our PB Mixers offer shaft sizes from 2" to 7".

    Our PB Mixers offer a minimum B-10 bearing life of 100,000 hours and feature pillow block mounted inboard and outboard bearings mounted and aligned on an integral fabricated steel base.  

    Belt Drives and Guards
    Ultra VX belts and sheaves provide economical power transmission with shock-absorbing capability. Belt and shaft guards are made to OSHA standards. Guards on units with 3" or larger shafts contain access holes for adjusting belt tension. Drive systems are available for 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0 belt drive service factors.