• Oil and Gas

    We have equipment installations and experience throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream processes. Our expertise allows us to provide optimized and reliable mixing and pumping equipment for these often demanding applications.



    From upstream operations to downstream processes, our GreercoTM high shear mixers, KenicsTM static mixers, ChemineerTM rotating agitators, ProchemTM side entering agitators, and MoynoTM and MonoTM branded pumping equipment provide optimized and reliable solutions for your demanding applications.

    Upstream Oil and Gas Mixing Applications:
    • Mud Mixers
    • Wellbore Cement Mixers
    • Homogenization of Water in Crude Oil Custody Transfer Lines/LACT
    • Oil Storage/BS&W
    • Desalting
    • Oil Sands Mixers
    • Natural Gas (CO2 Reduction) 
    Downstream Oil and Gas Mixing Applications:  
    • Alkylation
    • Asphalt Cooling
    • Gasoline Blending
    • Coal Slurry Applications

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