• Flue Gas Desulfurization

    Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) involves the treatment of flue gas from coal fired power plants, with the main goal of removing sulfur, particulates, and other chemicals, such as mercury, from the flue gas prior to environmental release.  Governmental regulations by the EPA limit the amount of impurities that can be released into the air.



    Our ChemineerTM and ProchemTM rotating agitators and KenicsTM static mixers are utilized in the FGD process, providing clean flue gas to help you meet permitted regulations on the release of controlled substances. Top entering and side entering units help scrub the flue gas and mix the slurries needed to process and treat the gas. Additionally, our static mixers are used in the ducts of power plants and in the process to mix and homogenize continuous processing streams.

    Applications we support:

    • Absorbers (scrubbers)
    • Ball mill slurry
    • Limestone slurry
    • Cyclone/Filter feed
    • Sumps
    • Thickener underflow
    • Waste water


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