• Dome™ Packing


    • Rod sizes: 1 ⅛", 1 ¼", 1 5∕16", 1 ⅜", 1 ½", 1 ¾"
    • Dramatically reduces stuffing box failures and maintenance costs
    • Rubber packing with unique PTFE seal ring, minimizing contact between rubber and polished rod
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Less heat build-up
    • Lower drag on polished rod
    • Unique bowl shape converts vertical compression forces into radial forces for a tight seal around polished rod
    • Automatically compensates for changes in flow line pressure
    • One-time conversion kit to retrofit most cone packed stuffing boxes
    • Designed for easy replacement using Packing Pullers (available from NOV — P/N 99756K14)
    • U.S. patent number: 5622371


    Selection Criteria for Rubber Compounds in Stuffing Boxes and BOPs

    Rubber CompoundMax. service temperature with concentrations of H2S and CO2 below 1%Max. service temperature with concentrations of H2S and CO2 at max. tolerance levelsMax. tolerances for H2SMax. tolerances for CO2Resistance to explosive decompression in CO2 concentrations up to 20%Performance in steam environmentsMechanical, tear and abrasive resistance
    NameASTM Type
    Soft, Hard, Special Lubricated, Heavy Duty, PTFE Filled, Hercules GoldSBR160°F (71°C)160°F (71°C)2%NRPoorPoorGood
    Compound C
    Compound D
    NBR300°F (149°C)250°F (121°C)2%10%GoodGoodExcellent
    Compound GHNBR325°F (163°C)300°F (149°C)10%20%Good to ExcellentVery GoodExcellent
    Compound HEPDM425°F (218°C)350°F (177°C)5%NRPoorGoodFair
    Compound S™ Compound STSBR160°F (71°C)160°F (71°C)2%2%PoorPoorGood
    Nitrile DomeNBR250°F (121°C)150°F (65°C)2%5%FairPoorGood
    HSN DomeHNBR325°F (163°C)300°F (149°C)10%20%Good to ExcellentVery GoodExcellent
    *Aflas DomeTFEP450°F (232°C)350°F (177°C)35%15%FairExcellentFair

    Note: Above temperatures are suggested "Maximum Short-Term" ratings and should not be considered as a "Continuous Operating Temperature"
    NR - Not Recommended
    SBR - Styrene Butadiene Rubber
    NBR - Nitrile Rubber HSN - Highly Saturated Nitrile or Hydrogenated Nitrile
    EPDM - Ethylene Propylene
    *Aflas is a registered trademark of Aashi Glass Co. Ltd.

    Packing Material Table  

    MaterialMax. % H2SMax. % CO2Max. Temperature
    NBR DOME2%Not recommended250°F (121°C)
    HSN DOME10%20%325°F (163°C)
    TFEP (Aflas) DOME35%15%450°F (232°C)