• Smart Rod Rotator

    Artificial lift rod pumping applications have many problems with premature wear due to wellbore deviations. Rod string rotation used in conjunction with rod guides not only removes paraffin from inside the production tubing, but distributes wear evenly for the rods and rod couplings. This process extends periods between workovers and minimizes downtime.



    Taking the same technology developed for the  Hercules™ Electric Rod Rotator (ERR) , we have incorporated a sensing device into our Smart Rod Rotator kit which can be retrofitted to any Hercules manual rod rotator. This technology automates the routine of checking rod rotator integrity, and when combined with rod pump controllers, it allows for remote monitoring and alarming capabilities.


    • Rod pump controller (RPC) can be programmed as a warning or as a shutdown.
    • PLC will issue a fault to the rod pump controller if a certain number of rotations does not occur within a user specified amount of time.
    • The PLC provides a pulse to the RPC every time a complete rotation occurs. This signal can be counted by the Rod Pump Controller and the accumulated value will be stored in a viewable register for most systems.
    • Class 1 Div. 2 Approval
    • Quick connect cable for ease of installation or removal
    • Automatic fault clearing
    • Easily installed with no crane necessary
    • Easily programmable
    • Remote monitoring reduces on-site time and maintenance