• Permanent Magnetic Motor (PMM) Driveheads

    The PMM series of direct drives offer the highest level of energy efficiency.



    The M-75 PMM is designed for medium to high horsepower applications, while the M-105 PMM is designed for high horsepower applications. Our dedication to safety is front and center in the PMM with an integrated failsafe resistive brake, a single rotating external part and no overhung motor mass for a safe install. The PMM drive is a friend to the environment as it requires less energy to operate and is extremely quiet.


    • Safety provided by:
      • Integrated failsafe electronic resistive brake
      • Elimination of rotating parts, such as belts and sheaves
      • Perfectly balance lifting with no overhung motor mass
    • Highly efficient motor that reduces electrical energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Delivers exceptionally high starting torque and rated torque efficiently over entire operating RPM
    • Quiet operation – 68 dB at 10' (3 m)
    • Provides a fully optimized system when paired with the Guardian II VFD 


     M-75 PMMM-105 PMM
    Drive TypeDirectDirect
    Shaft TypeHollowHollow
    Drive StyleBearingBearing
    Input StyleVerticalVertical
    Drive Ratio1:11:1
    Backspin ControlIntegrated resistive braking through VFDIntegrated resistive braking through VFD


     M-75 PMMM-105 PMM
    Max. Output Torque750 ft-lbs (1,017 Nm)1,000 ft-lbs (1,355 Nm)
    Speed Range30 - 450 rpm30 - 450 rpm
    Thrust Bearing165,000 ISO lbf (Optional 297,000 ISO lbf)165,000 ISO lbf (Optional 297,000 ISO lbf)
    Thrust Bearing*43,000 Ca90 lbf (Optional 77,000 Ca90 lbf)43,000 Ca90 lbf (Optional 77,000 Ca90 lbf)
    Polish Rod Size1 ¼" (32 mm) or 1 ½" (48 mm)1 ¼" (32 mm) or 1 ½" (48 mm)
    Max. Operating Temperature**112° F (50° C)112° F (50° C)


     M-75 PMMM-105 PMM

    Height w/Retro Stuffing Box

    69.7" (1,770 mm)72.7" (1,847 mm)
    Height w/Integral Stuffing Box53.2" (1,350 mm)56.2" (1,427 mm)
    Diameter30" (760 mm)30" (760 mm)
    Width37" (940 mm)37" (940 mm)
    Weight (no stuffing box)1,430 lbs (650 kg)1,550 lbs (705 kg)

    *Ca90 load rating is for 90 million revolutions. Reducing load one half increases life 10 times. Reducing rpm by one half doubles hours of life.
    **Efficiency and RPM/Torque are typically derated at higher temperatures.