• Polished Rod Clamps


    We manufacture Hercules™ polished rod accessories to assist with maintenance and prolong the life of your polished rod. Throughout years of field proven experience, our products have been engineered to meet your quality expectations.

    Accessories Offered
    • Figure Clamps 
      • Indention style 
      • Rugged, yet light and easy to handle 
      • Lower stress concentrations in polished rods 
      • Highest clamping capacity at any bolt torque 
      • Independent clamping segments on a common hinge 
      • Bolts have to be tightened only once 
      • Ends are precision machined perpendicular to axis of polished rod 
      • Streamlined design 
      • Small rotating diameter for use with rod rotators 
      • Zinc phosphate coating for better corrosion resistance 
      • Most economical design in the industry 
    • Rod Boss and Rod Boss Jr Clamps 
      • Friction style-Rod Boss 
      • Indention style-Rod Boss Jr. 
      • Zinc phosphate coating got better corrosion resistance