• Well King™ Pressure Regulators


    In order to achieve a complete and tailored configuration for the Production Service Hookup, we offer a safety mechanism to control the over pressure of the production line. Our pressure regulators are available in different configurations to suit your preferred hookup.


    • Liquid or gas service
    • Reduces paraffin by keeping gas in solution 
    • Less free gas and better lubrication at the stuffing box 
    • Increases pump efficiency by keeping bottom hole pressure above the bubble point 
    • Differential pressure type - recommended for systems where downstream pressure is less than 10% of set pressure 
    • All models have ¼"" NPT pressure port for upstream pressure gauge installation 
    • Connections: 
      • Standard: 2"" Male LP Inlet x Single 2"" Female LP outlet 
      • 4-Way Cross: 2"" Male LP Inlet x Dual 2"" Female LP outlet 
      • In-Line: 2"" Female LP Inlet x Single 2"" Female LP outlet  
    • External body shell components for all assemblies have a 2,000 psi “Shell Test Pressure” capability
    Optional Sand Trim
    • Carbide tipped plunger and carbide seat which replaces ball and seat and lower spring keeper
    • Available in 200, 500, 900 and 1,000 psi (not available in 1,500 psi)
    • 10-1,000 psi model fully meets NACE MR0175
    • Less vibration
    • Smoother flow
    • More abrasion resistance
    • Greater control sensitivity



    2" Back Pressure Regulator

    Pressure RangeOrificeBall SizeSpring Material
    5 - 200 psi.875"1.125"Monel
    10 - 500 psi.875"1.125"302 SS
    10 - 900 psi.875"1.125"Carbon Steel
    10 - 1,000 psi.683"1.000"Elgiloy
    10 - 1,500 psi.683"1.000"Carbon Steel*

    *Same spring used in 10-900 psi model