• HXE Series

    Using its modular body design, the HXE choke can be configured into many inlet and outlet arrangements by changing spools. The worm gear-driven designs are engineered to withstand 15,000 psi through the outlet bore into closed choke without the use of shear pin or any other safety device. In addition, the worm gear actuator design is modular and can be simply converted from manual operator to hydraulic motor or even Servo driven. The gate and seat are designed to direct high velocity wear away from the positive sealing surface, a feature that extends the life of the choke trim.

    • Field proven for use in conventional drilling- UBD/MPD and frac/flowback applications
    • Suitable for land drilling and offshore operations
    • Available in all API flanges and hammer union connections
    • Unique operator designed to take full back pressure load
    • External nut for quick and easy trim changes
    • Gantry device for easy trim changes
    • Available with manual, hydraulic or electric Servo actuation

    For more information about our well testing chokes, please email us at pps@nov.com .