• Gate Valve Technology

    Our well service products can offer the use of the field-proven Anson™ E-Type valve technology or our legacy T3 HPT valve technology for use in the STT, depending on customer preference. Each of these premium valve brands comes with market-leading qualification pedigree, and both have a strong history of service and reliability in well service.



    The Anson E-Type gate valve from NOV was developed to satisfy the need for a high-quality,  high-specification valve that is reliable and reasonably priced. The valve conforms to international design requirements and quality assurance programs. This valve uses no performance-limiting elastomers in its sealing technology. The valve is a monogrammable API 6A valve, and while the initial cost is very competitive, the long-term cost saving results makes it the most cost-effective valve on the market today.


    • Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A
    • Forged steel body and bonnet
    • A true bidirectional valve
    • Low operating torque
    • Shear pin protected internal works
    • Available for service down to -75° F or up to 400° F
    • Quick-release hand wheel
    • API 6A PSL, 1, 2, 3 or 4
    • Supplied with full certification