• Surface Test Tree

    Our surface test tree, composed of API 6A manual or actuated gate valves and a dynamic string swivel, provides a means of surface well control during testing or intervention on a production well. The configuration of the tree can be dictated by the customer or by design code requirements. All hydraulic lines can be terminated in a flowhead block mounted hydraulic bulkhead or stab plate.

    Any electrical cabling (from pressure, temperature, or valve position indication) can also be terminated locally in a suitably-rated electrical enclosure. Hydraulic umbilicals from the rig floor to the flowhead block bulkhead can be supplied on request as part of the package.

    • Dual production bore isolation valves (master and swab) that can be located on the flowhead block allow full-bore passage of coiled tubing or wireline tools. Common sizes are from 3 1/16- to 7⅜-in. bore.
    • The wing valves (flow and kill), located between the master and swab valves, isolate the STT from the well test choke manifold and kill pump and pipework. They are used to allow the flow of wellbore fluids and injection of kill fluids into the wellbore respectively. Common sizes are from 3 1/16- to 4 1/16-in. bore.
    • The kill like into the STT can be supplied complete with an inline non-return valve to prevent return of any wellbore fluid to the kill pump.
    • Sizes and pressure ratings: 3 1/16 through 7⅜ in. up to 20,000 psi
    • Skid frame supplies: DNV 2.7-3 rated transportation basket or containerized with certified lifting set when requested.
    • Standard use of stainless steel/corrosion-resistant alloys for pressure-controlling parts.
    • Minimal use of elastomers throughout (no service-limiting elastomeric seals are used in our valve sealing technology.)
    • Design: API 6A, DNV OS E101, Norsok D-007, NACE MR-01-75, DNV 2.7-1 and 2.7-3 (lifting and handling), ISO 13628-7 on request.
    • Circulation head/pump in tee configurations for well kill applications available on request.

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