• Spherical Sand Trap

    Specializing in the latest technology, we offer field-proven products that withstand the rigors of oil and gas production. Our spherical sand trap allows up to three times greater removal efficiency over traditional vertical and horizontal sand separators. The larger, 48-in. diameter also allows for greater holding capacity, which leads to longer time intervals between dumping. Plus, unlike its standard vertical and horizontal counterparts, the spherical sand trap allows online sand removal and is ideal for problematic surge applications without sand blow-by.

    For areas where fracking activity is high, our spherical design is preferred. It helps reduce sand particles as low as 100 micron from your flowback stream. When filters can't get the job done, our unique desander can. 

    The end result is full protection and no sand carryover to your cost-sensitive pieces of production equipment, saving you time, money, and resources. Plus, pre-engineered, inventoried models are eligible for on-demand delivery because we know you need equipment on time. 


    Well fluids, gas, and solids flow into the sand trap, where they reach a sacrificial deflector plate. The plate separates and diffuses the clean media out the top, while accumulated solids are collected and flushed out of the bottom.



    • Registered ASME Div. 1 pressure vessel
    • Optional sour gas or NACE service compliance
    • Compact size at 36- or 48-in. ID
    • Design pressure: 5,000 psi standard
    • Inlet and outlets 2 or 3 in. flanged or optional 1502 end connections
    • Service conditions down to -50°F
    • Three times more efficient than standard vertical or horizontal sand traps, due to larger cross-sectional area and lower velocities
    • Removable sacrificial deflector allows quick and easy inspection
    • Low backpressure allows high flow rate
    • Available in a skid-mounted package with piping, valves, instruments, and NOV chokes designed for high sand concentration