• Snubbing BOP

    Snubbing pressure control equipment is available for your workover applications. We manufacture a full range of equipment for the workover environment and well interventions. We supply pressure control equipment for both snubbing and workover operations. The products we supply include blowout preventers, annular BOPs, work windows, risers, telescoping joints, rotating strippers and snubbing rams.


    Our workover/snubbing BOPs are designed to seal off tubing strings during well servicing operations, which require snubbing pipe into or out of a well under pressure. The BOPs feature high-pressure ratings in a compact design and allow for fast ram seal removal and replacement. The snubbing BOP is rated for H 2 S service and is available with internal diameters that range from 3.06" to 7.06".


    • Mono block body design available in single, dual, triple and quad.
    • Shearing capability: ¾"- 2 ⅜" S-135 heavy wall pipe
    • Easy maintenance of rams and stem seals
    • External ram indicators
    • Simple hydraulic ram removal mechanism
    • Closing ratios available in 16:1 and 25:1


    • lnconel inlay on seal surfaces
    • Fluropolymer coating of BOP internal body surfaces
    • Available with keyed or keyless rams


    Model Bore Working Pressure Tubing Range Configuration Weight Height Width 
    DD46 4.06" 15,000 psi 1.00" to 2.87" Single 1,966 lbs. 24.75" 77.50" 
    DD46 4.06" 15,000 psi 1.00" to 2.87" Twin 3,489 lbs. 37.75" 77.50" 
    DD46 4.06" 15,000 psi 1.00" to 2.87" Quad 6,715 lbs. 63.75" 77.50"

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