• Coiled Tubing Pumping Support

    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment Group manufactures a complete line of fluid pumping designs which can be used in Coiled Tubing Services.  At NOV we have concentrated on developing practical pumping unit designs that accommodate the demands put on today's well servicing companies.

    We offer custom engineering on every unit so that we can meet your specific needs.  Our pumping units can meet the many varying requirements and harsh environmental demands of coiled tubing pumping.  NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment Group designs focus on maintenance friendly assemblies to encourage regular maintenance intervals on all components.  We know the demands put on today's operators and have designed our systems to eliminate the burden of tedious, time consuming tasks.

    Coiled Tubing Support Pumps can be configured in either a single or twin setup and supplied as a skid, truck or trailer mounted unit.  They feature two centrifugal pumps and redundant piping so either pump can be used to boost or fill.  Our twin configurations are comprised of redundant systems so you will always have a backup that can finish the job.  Short fluid pumps are utilized to ensure road legal equipment.  Control options are available in traditional analog systems or state of the art digital systems with Data Acquisition and remote operation capability.

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